PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)


PET film is a thermoplastic polymer, which is laminated to an MDF core with a proprietary glue under high heat and pressure, creating an ideal surface for building cabinetry.


PET materials are extremely heat and moisture resistant, especially when combined with zero-joint, no adhesive edge banding applied with our hot air edge bander. Applying the material to an MDF substrate with proprietary glue provides a stable, consistent and smooth finish. This virtually eliminates warping and rippling. There is no painting involved when using PET, saving time and money. Our PET materials are exact matches in super-matte or high-gloss, allowing for design consistency and flexibility throughout your home or office.


PET doors and drawer fronts are available in a variety of timeless finishes that are perfect for today’s modern residential kitchens and baths, as well as, commercial offices. PET Super matte materials virtually eliminate finger prints and provide a soft touch and ambiance to the room. The same perfectly-matched finishes are available in high-gloss which can be combined for dramatic effect or carried into other rooms for visual interest, yet keeping the color palette consistent.