High Gloss Acrylic


Acrylic is a hard synthetic high quality plastic, often used in sheet form as an alternative to glass, providing a shatter-resistant surface. It is most commonly seen as high gloss acrylic, with a mirror-like reflective finish.


High gloss acrylic will not crack, warp, shatter, chip, stain or distort from normal commercial or household activities.
It is UV-resistant, so you don’t have to be concerned about discoloration from the sun.
It is a durable polymer that has reduced sensitivity to impact and scratching. Scratches that do occur may be easily removed by polishing or by heating the surface of the material.

High gloss acrylic is a lighter-weight, more durable, economical alternative to glass. It can be cut using traditional wood working equipment.



High gloss acrylic is most commonly used in modern kitchen and bath designs on cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and end panels. Cabinets are the cornerstone for any kitchen or bath design. Acrylic sets the tone for a clean, modern design often seen in European-style, kitchens, baths and entertainment spaces.

Our high gloss acrylic materials are a remarkably versatile surfacing material in designing your cabinets. Acrylics can provide high gloss finishes in neutral or vibrant colors, numerous patterns and even wood-grains that have the appearance of high end veneers.
Using our state-of-the art hot-air edgebander, and adhesive-free matching edge banding with a seamless joint, we can create high gloss acrylic cabinet doors that have the appearance of high end, European lacquers without the higher price tag.

With our V-edge edge banding, we can also create doors that have the appearance of back-painted glass at a lower price point.
Although most high gloss acrylic is typically used on vertical surfaces, some specialty acrylics have superior scratch-resistance that can be used on horizontal surfaces which require even more durable materials.