Aluminum Frame Glass Doors


Aluminum frames: Aluminum is a lightweight and durable metal. Its appearance ranges from silvery to dull gray depending on the surface roughness. It is malleable, making it easy to machine and extrude. It is also highly recyclable.


Glass is manufactured from an opaque sand, yet is completely transparent. It can be chemically treated or sandblasted to create various colors and finishes such as etching or frosting. It can also be painted on the back side and viewed from the front (back-painted glass). Glass can be tempered, making it much stronger than ordinary glass.


Aluminum is easier to work with than steel while still providing adequate stability for cabinet and
storage options.

Aluminum provides an anodized finish which is lightweight, durable, non-toxic, UV with a moisture resistant finish.

The aluminum frames which come in a variety of finishes provide endless design possibilities when combined with numerous glass, 3form and custom insert options.
Both the glass and aluminum are highly recyclable.


Aluminum frames have been highly admired in Europe for a long time and is gaining recognition in the North American market.

Aluminum elements are used more and more in modern and contemporary kitchen and bathroom designs.
They can add an industrial touch while keeping a clean look and feel.
Ideal for modern kitchen cabinet doors, office furniture doors, closet storage, furniture accents, or display cabinets.

Light and airy design is great for smaller spaces or rooms with lower light levels

Backpainted Glass

Frame Finish

Frame Styles

Tempered Clear Glass